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Serbia as a destination is blessed with an array of extraordinary natural features which appeal to campaers be it on the banks of its big and small rivers, lakes, through village orchards, exceptionally beautiful colorful meadows, hillocks, hillsides, big and old forests, sandy banks and plains, pitches in the mountains and nearby cities and towns.

Campsites in Serbia have been growing in number, year after year. Camping has risen in popularity globally and many people are seeing it’s appeal by experiencing nature, fresh air and the freedom it provides a pitch. Serbia’s offers exceptional potential for camping coupled with a good infrastructure, excellent hospitality and camping locaton in many scenic locations throughout the country. Due to the minimum impact on the environment camping provides it is a sustainanle tourism product for future generations to enjoy.

Many European campers visit Serbia or are in transit through Serbia on their way to Moontenegro, Bulgaria or Greece. They enjoy its beautiful landscapes, natural attractions, good and well-prepared tasty food as well as interaction with their hosts, whose hospitality is something they won’t forget.

Visit Serbia and enjoy camping in our country-for an unforgettable experience!


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  • CAMPSITE-categorised campsites-1 to 4 star campsites-a standard campsite intended to cater for all forms of camping.
  • CAMPING AREA-a smaller-size campsite with up to 30 camping pitches-not subject to categorisation, satisfies minimal technical conditions and can be found in village households and protected nature zones.
  • CAMPING PARKING-parking with up to 30 camping ptches-not subject to categorisation that meets minimum technical conditions. Such pitches can be found in urban centres, on transit corridors-located near to petrol stations and service stations and are also  located within the compounds of the existing spa resort centres.


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The eco-campsite of Fruška Gora Mountain is located in the vicinity of Sremski Karlovci, close to Stražilovo, 4 km off the 22.1 regional road. The campsite is built-at the border of the National Park of Fruška Gora Mountain and is the first eco-campsite to be constructed in Serbia as part of the National Park. The capacity of the campsite is currently 30 camping pitches which is suitable for all types of camping vehicles and equipment. It is ideal for nature lovers and for those who look for serenity in a natural environment. Close by for excursions are the sites of Stražilovo and Fruška Gora providingvisitors with numerous possibilities for sport and recreational activities in the surrounding area such as hiking, biking, climbing and various sports. Visitors to the campsite can also visit numerous cultural-historical monuments which are located on Fruška Gora, in Sremski  Karlovci and in the nearby city of Novi Sad.


Campsite "Fruška Gora" 



The „Dunav“ campsite is located in Zemun, on the shores of the Danube, 10 km from Belgrade and 1km from E-75 motorway-exit at Zemun Polje.It is a small campsite in a unique location overlooking the Danube and Belgrade.It is intended primarly for tourists who are in transit.For those who want to visit the capital of Serbia, the proximity of Belgrade is the biggest advantage of this campsite.There are 50 camping pitches, 7 double-bed bungalows as well as an apartment house with 3 double bedrooms and 3  triple bedrooms with bathrooms.There is also a restaurant for 40 quests located at the campsite.

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The „Belocrkvanska jezera“campsite is situated on the banks of the City Lake in the very centre of Bela Crkva, 100 km east of Belgrade, on the regional road 134 from Kovin to Bela Crkva. Apart from the Bela Crkva lakes, one can also visit the nearby old fortification of Ram, the archeological site of Viminacium, the Deliblato SandsNature Reserve, the town of Vršac, and take a pram to cross the Danube River and visit the Fortress of Golubac and the National Park of Djerdap.


Camping area Oasis is located in Bela Crkva  on the Vračevgajsko Lake,near the motorway Belgrade-Bela Crkva –Romania. This new spacious campsite has a nicely landscaped beach on the lake known for its natural filters that renew the water. It also includes a summer theater, indoor,soccercourt, public barbecue grills,canoes and other kinds of boats, playground, educational toys that use natural energy, tables and benches in the shade on the lake shore. Many historicall and marks are located in the vicinity as well as the Deliblato sands natural reserve and the city of Vršac. Also, many interesting events take place in Bela Crkva over the year. This is a unique oasis of relaxation, recreation and new experiences.


"Vračevgajsko jezero"-"Oaza" campsite 

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Camping area is located in close proximity to the town of Sombor-3 km far from the centre and about 700m away from major motorways Sombor-Apatin and Sombor-Novi Sad, close tothe Great Backa  Canal. This wide camping area offers over 100 tent pitches and it is ideal for vacation, recreation and relaxation. There is a bicycle lane on the town center, lined by century-old trees. This site offers rest on a oerfectly maintained lawn and landscaping with facilities such as a tennis court, a salt-water pool, a mini gym, a sauna for 4 persons, a front desk with a diner, sunshade terace, tables and benches.



Romantic camping area is settled in the center of Sombor, on the international bicycle route Eurovelo 6, in the yard of the fairytale-like mansion dating from the year 1924. The wide yard that can host 40-50 tents includes the following facilities:toilet, auxiliary kitchen, dining room, four shaded terraces forsocializing and gathering. There is a possibility to book the apartment and within the campsite there is also a massage salon as well as a mini bicycle workshop with basic repair tools. 

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The campsite is located 12 km to the south of the Belgrade-Zagreb on the E70 highway, 80 km west of Belgrade and 62 km south of Novi Sad. The “Zasavica” campsite is one of the newest, most modern and best-equipped campsites in Serbia, with a carrying capacity for 42 motorhome (caravan) pitches. Campers can enjoy the extraordinarily beautiful ambience of the Zasavica Nature Reserve, and take advantage of an opportunity to visit the ancient towns of Sirmium (Sremska Mitrovica) –one of the four capital towns of the Roman Empire. This campsite is ranked the 43rd (2013) and 79th (2014) in the category of 100 best campsites.




This beautiful tourist complex near Belgrade spreads over three acres of idyllic landscapes of Šumadija region, with extra ordinary view of Kosmaj mountain. This is a true paradise for campers and nature lovers close to Serbian capital. Small and cosy campsite-camping area within the ethnic household with a restaurant and a quest house “Zornić house” has 30 camping places for all types of camping. Within the campsite there is a volleyball court, and the complex also includes a traditional Serbian cuisine restaurant, an ethno rural household and a mini zoo, a ridingschooland 4-star accommodationapartments. In the surroundings there are many marked walking paths and it is also possible to rent a bike. This is an inevitable destination for all those who are traveling through Serbia or are on their way to Greece and want to visit Belgrade.

"Zornića kuća"-landscape 

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This campsite is located close to Veliko Gradište town, 110 km away from the city of Belgrade downstream along the Danube River. It is one of the oldest and biggest campsites in Serbia, with a capacity of 210 camping pitches in total, i.e.190 stationary pitches and 20 pitches free for travelling and first-time visitors. The campsite is located in an attractive location by the bankside of the popular Silver Lake (Srebrno jezero). Within the vicinity are various historical attractions such as the fortresses of Ram and Golubac and the Eurovelo 6 bicycle path, in addition to many other local events which can make one’s stay in this campsite even more appealing.


Campsite "Srebrno jezero"



The campsite can be reached via E-70 motorway to Paraćn and then following the regional road Paraćin-Zaječar-Negotin-Brza. Campers can use: sandy beach, a marina for boats, fishing runway for 50 fishermen, beach volleyball court, boats. Nearby are National Park Djerdap hydroelectric power plants Djerdap 1 and Djerdap 2, monasteries Vratna and Manastrica, Historical Museum of Kladovo, fortress Fetislam, Trajan’s memorial plaque, wine villages Rajac and Rogojevo.

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The “Zlatibor” campsite is located on the E-763 main road, not far away from the centre of Zlatibor mountain resort in an exceptionally beautiful pine forest. The new campsite is equipped with quality equipment, covering an area of 1.5 ha, and has a capacity for 50 camping pitches. Apart from the beautiful environment , this campsite is also used as a transit campsite for tourists on their way to Montenegro. Visitors of the campsite have at their

 disposal all the attractions of Zlatibor, ranging from active holidays, Zlatibor’s gourmet specialty dishes in addition to a large number of options for daily excursions in the surrounding area  (The “Mokra Gora” Nature Park, Drvengrad Ethno Village in Mećavnik, Kremna, Ethno Village Sirogojno, Stopića Cave, Šargan Eight/a narrow-gauge railway).






The “Viljamovka” camping area is located in the village of Kremna near Užice city, on the slopes of Tara Mountain. The campsite is well-known for its local “Carska Viljamovka” pear brandy. Campers like to camp in this campsite because there is a large number of attractions in the vicinity: the village of Kremna, the Šargan Eight (a narrow-guage railway), Mokra Gora ,Drvengrad ethno village, the National Park of Tara, Zlatibor mountain resort, Sirogojno ethno village, Kamena gora and Uvac natural reserves.

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This campsite is located by the Bajina-Bašta-Perućac road number 172. Locally there is Perućac Lake and the National Park of Tara and a handful of possibilities for active holidays. Other attractions include the Monastery of Rača, the remains of the town of Solotnik dating from XV century, the baths, the”Mramorje”(in Perućac) mediaeval cemetery, the Memorial Home of the Tarabić Prophet in Kremna, the “Šargan Eight”, “Drvengrad” in Mokra Gora.





Should you visit the village of Potpeće, you will experience a real rest in the pastoral charm of the place. Rich tastes and fragrances will make your experience unforgettable. Your adventure amongst cordial and hospitable people will also include trips to Potpećka cave, some twenty fishponds stocked with trout , a waterfall and the watermills. The campsite offers camping for 10 pitches.



Camping area Uvac is situated in the village Akmačići, in Nova Varoš Municipality, near the Uvac  Lake (Nature Reserve Uvac). Guests are offered homemade specialties such as buckwheat pie, goat meat in kaymak, goat cheese, kaymak, and there is also a possibility of preparing your own meals. Guests can go boat sailing on the Uvac Lake, visit the Ice Cave, Dubnica Monastery or the ethno village of Štitkovo.



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This parking camp is located on the hillsides of Stara planina (Okd Mountain), between the town of Pirot and the Bulgarian border, by the highway E-80, surrounded by lush vegetation and summer houses. It is suitable for guests who want to rest and enjoy the peaceful surroundings while in transit for a few hours. Local attractions include the Sukovski Monastery and the Poganovski Monastery.




The “Enigma” is a popular transit campsite, with a capacity for 20 pitches and is located 2 km to the south of the town of Vranje and the highway E-75. The campsite is far away from the urban areas and traffic, providing an ideal vacation in a peaceful and natural environment, which is its main advantage. In addition to its attractive location, this mini-campsite also includes extra facilities such as outdoor swimming-pools, garden restaurant, balloon sports hall and neatly arranged green and floral areas. This campsite is already a favourite stop for campers on their way to Greece and is famous for the excellent hospitality of the hosts. It is particularly suitable for bikers and cyclists who can sleep in individual tents and on the artificial grass in the balloon hall as well.