Serbia as a destination is blessed with an array of extraordinary natural features which appeal to campaers be it on the banks of its big and small rivers, lakes, through village orchards, exceptionally beautiful colorful meadows, hillocks, hillsides, big and old forests, sandy banks and plains, pitches in the mountains and nearby cities and towns.

Campsites in Serbia have been growing in number, year after year. Camping has risen in popularity globally and many people are seeing it’s appeal by experiencing nature, fresh air and the freedom it provides a pitch. Serbia’s offers exceptional potential for camping coupled with a good infrastructure, excellent hospitality and camping locaton in many scenic locations throughout the country. Due to the minimum impact on the environment camping provides it is a sustainanle tourism product for future generations to enjoy.

Many European campers visit Serbia or are in transit through Serbia on their way to Moontenegro, Bulgaria or Greece. They enjoy its beautiful landscapes, natural attractions, good and well-prepared tasty food as well as interaction with their hosts, whose hospitality is something they won’t forget.

Visit Serbia and enjoy camping in our country-for an unforgettable experience!